Listserv Guidelines

DALL maintains a listserv for all members.  All members are automatically added to the listserv unless they request to be removed. To ensure the best experience for all DALL listserv participants, listserv participants are ask to observe some basic guidelines when using the listserv.

  • Be sure name, affiliation, and location are listed on emails that you send.
  • Include a concise topic in the subject line. This allows others to respond appropriately.
  • Message length should be kept to a minimum or warn recipients in the subject line that the body will be long by including words, “Long Message.”
  • If sharing a message you believe may be beneficial to the listserv, be sure to clean up the message and add an appropriate subject line.
  • Use caution when discussing products or business practices. Information posted on the listserv is available for all to see.
  • Do your own basic research before posting a question. Identify your research efforts when posting so others won’t repeat the search in their effort to help.
  • Responses to the poster should be sent privately, not to the entire listserv.
  • If you found the answer to your question, let the list know.
  • Share what you learn with the list. The question poster can compile all responses received and send to the entire list without naming all responders.
  • Review your message before you hit send. Review your post for content, clarity, analysis, and tone.

These guidelines were enacted by the DALL Executive Board on  8/14/14.