Texas Research Center

DALL loves all things Texas, especially when it comes to Texas research! The following resources should be a great place to begin your research.

*Please note that this website does not provide legal advice nor can DALL provide legal advice. Enjoy exploring the many Texas resources listed below.

Texas Constitution & Statutes

Texas Constitution:



Current Statutes:



The Texas State Law Library has a great collection of Historical Texas Statutes:


Texas Case Law

Texas Case Law:

While free resources do exist that contain some case law, to conduct comprehensive legal research, access to a subscription database or print material with a digest is extremely helpful.


The Texas State Law Library has training on Westlaw and LexisNexis that is open to attorneys and the public:



Some Texas opinions are available here:



State Bar of Texas

Including information for both the public and Texas attorneys, the State Bar of Texas is a great resource. In addition to information on the State Bar's commitment to Access to Justice, the Texas Bar Journal current issues and archives are available electronically (through a partnership with HeinOnline), and information about the State Bar's archives are detailed as well.

Visit: https://www.texasbar.com/

Dallas Bar Association


Founded in 1873, the Dallas Bar Association was originally formed for the "support of a literary undertaking and maintenance of a library." Visit: http://www.dallasbar.org/

Texas Law Librarian Associations



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